comScore Barbara Walters Sick Of Movie Stars, O'Reilly Sick Of Tom Hanks

Last Night’s Factor: Barbara Walters Sick Of Movie Stars, O’Reilly Sick Of Tom Hanks

There is no doubt that Hollywood has changed drastically since the golden era of MGM and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer: with the rise of perceived celebrity accessibility through new mediums like Twitter and gossip blogs, there is a rare actor that can still bring in audiences while maintaining their privacy. Bill O’Reilly had Barbara Walters on The Factor so they could lament about the death of the true Hollywood star…but since that wasn’t political enough, Bill then turned it around and started attacking Tom Hanks for making a joke at Fox’s expense on MSNBC.

Babs complaining about the death of Hollywood and being “sick of celebrities”:

Bill O’Reilly “respects” Tom Hanks, even though he’s a “political sniper:”

The only reason O’Reilly is giving Hanks a pass is because he was such a huge fan of The DaVinci Code. But honestly…it seems a little strange to talk about the death of the classy Hollywood actor and then pick on Tom Hanks, who, for his 30+ years in film has kept a pretty low profile, tabloid-wise. Sure, he might have his political beef, but are you telling us that in the 60s 50s, during the friggin’ McCarthy era, that Hollywood stars weren’t all running around pointing fingers at their friends for being American traitors and picking political battles? Nostalgia wears rosy glasses, and O’Reilly and Walters might want to find some new shades.

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