Late Night Round Up: Noah, Fallon, Kimmel, Meyers, Corden Praise Initial Results of Protests — From Statues to the NFL


Late-night hosts Trevor Noah, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers, and James Corden praised the results of the worldwide protests on Monday, addressing the fallen Confederate statues, the NFL’s new stance on kneeling, and Mitt Romney’s spotting at a Black Lives Matter march.

Noah, who took a week off after delivering a stirring speech about George Floyd and police brutality on his show, addressed the nationwide protests on Monday night in an extended hour-long episode.

“Never before in American history has there been an uprising like this, exactly like this, where you have huge numbers of people coming out every single day, in every single state in the country,” Noah began, “And now, even more impressive, this protest has started blowing up all over the world.”

Noah noted that people are finally realizing that everyone is fighting the same fight, adding that black people and other minorities all over the world recognize what it’s like to be a target of the police.

“There’s always going to people who sit in their newspaper offices or TV news studios and say, ‘I sympathize with you but this is not the way to get what you want,'” Noah added. “Well you know what? I hope those people are hungry, because they’re going to be eating their words.”

The host commented on the results of the protests only two weeks after they began, addressing the removal of Confederate statues across the United States and the world, including the Robert E. Lee statue, which previously stood for 130 years.

“There are still people out there who are like, ‘Yeah, but if you take down the statues, how will people learn their history? These statues are about history.’ Read a book, motherf*cker,” Noah snapped. “That is how you learn history. No one really thinks that these statues are teaching anybody history. The bubonic plague was a major event in history — we don’t go around and put up statues of rats.”

The host joked that people must finally be reading now that statues are gone, pointing out that books on systemic racism, including Robin Diangelo’s White Fragility and Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow, have been making bestseller lists since the protests began.

Noah commented on NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s apology and new support of players who decide to kneel during the national anthem but noted that he never mentioned Colin Kaepernick by name.

“It’s nice to see the NFL say this, don’t get me wrong, but I hope that Goodell and everyone at the NFL are actually going to look at doing things,” he added. “Because every other industry, you know, they have to prove their commitment by hiring thousands of new black people. The NFL’s just got to hire one.”

Fallon also joked about Goodell’s failure to address Kaepernick by name, while also commenting on unexpected protester Mitt Romney.

“The NFL feels so badly that they’re this close to scheduling another fake workout for Colin Kaepernick,” Fallon said. “Here’s a fun fact: I just said Colin Kaepernick’s name one more time than Roger Goodell did.”

“Yesterday Senator Mitt Romney decided to march with protesters,” he noted. “Man, you know you’re starting to reach white people when you get the whitest of all white people … That’s right, Mitt Romney marched with Black Lives Matter protesters that’s like seeing the Wu-Tang Clan show up at a Kenny G concert.”

Kimmel also noted the various results of the Black Lives Matter protests, joking that even “America’s whitest man” joined a march.

“They had a moment of silence at a NASCAR event this weekend, which was remarkable, and there are demonstrations now all over the world,” Kimmel noted. “In Bristol, England, they tore down a statue of a slave trader named Edward Colston who is posed like he’s worried someone might notice there’s a statue of a slave trader named Edward Colston in town.”

The host then addressed that Republicans are mad at Romney for marching with protesters in Washington, questioning how anyone could be that angry that someone supports equal rights.

“Utah Senator Mitt Romney, marched to support Black Lives Matter,” he said. “And to break in a new pair of penny loafers. It was a win-win.”

Meyers also used his monologue to poke fun at Romney for marching at a Black Lives Matter protest, joking that it was the first time he had ever tasted pepper.

“That’s right, Mitt Romney marched in a Black Lives Matter protest yesterday, and wow he is easy to spot, isn’t he?” Meyers added. “It’s like he’s in a children’s book called There’s Waldo. Now you have your answer if you were wondering who kept chanting on the downbeat.”

U.K. native Corden addressed the removal of Edward Colston’s statue in Bristol and gave some suggestions on less controversial figures they could memorialize instead.

“These statutes celebrate some of the worst ideas in human history, yet there are many people across America and in Britain who are upset about these statues coming down,” he noted.

“So if it’s a monument to bad ideas that these people want, we have come up with some that are far less hurtful, harmful and upsetting. For example, they could build a monument to the universally unloved Star Wars character Jar Jar Binks, or the perplexing artwork that is Ben Affleck’s back tattoo. Is it a dragon? Is it a fish? No one knows. We just know it’s probably a bad idea.”

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