Late Night Roundup: The Hosts Mock Trump For Finally Wearing a Mask: ‘Really Smart Move if Today Were March 13’


Late-night hosts Jimmy Fallon, Trevor Noah, Seth Meyers, and Stephen Colbert mocked President Donald Trump for finally wearing a mask in public at Walter Reed Hospital over the weekend — with Meyers joking it was “four months too late.”

Fallon and his show’s house band The Roots returned to 30 Rock for the first time in months, since the coronavirus pandemic forced late-night hosts to film from home. The host followed Conan O’Brien’s lead, and returned to the studio with a limited crew and without a live audience, while still interviewing guests via Zoom.

Fallon dedicated his monologue to Trump’s long overdue masked appearance, noting “it was a really smart move if today were March 13th.”

The host was notably pleased to be cracking his jokes in front of an audience again, regardless of how small, as thanks to Questlove and other members of The Roots, he finally heard some laughter in response to his quips.

“Well, people thought Trump was wearing a mask, but surprise! It was a cake!” Fallon joked, referring to a new internet trend that shows people cutting into hyper-realistic cakes that look like everyday objects.

“Years from now, that mask will be in the Smithsonian, and none of us will be able to see it because we’ll still be in lockdown,” he added. “You know, we’re just a few days away from Trump claiming that he was the first person to wear a mask.”

Noah also roasted Trump for finally wearing a mask in public and joked that it was the first day he truly became president before he later ripped into his appearance, playing into the president’s fear of ridicule.

“Look, I’m glad that Trump finally put a mask on, but it’s got to be confusing for his supporters who have been mocking face masks this whole time,” he added. “I mean, to them this must be like seeing Trump at a Black Lives Matter march with AOC.”

Noah then “set the record straight” for Trump and promised that wearing a mask did not hard him self image, adding, “Don’t listen to any of the haters out there saying you look like a diabetic Bane or Shredder from the Ninja Turtles if all he shredded was cheese. You look great. So please keep wearing the mask.”

Meyers went after Trump’s advisers for playing up the president’s decision to follow a basic CDC guideline amid the pandemic, adding, “Who cares? You’re four months late! It’s like someone saying, ‘Should we not do a live-action Cats?’ now.”

Meyers noted there were 57,789 new coronavirus cases in the U.S. on Sunday, while Germany and Canada were in the low hundreds, sarcastically adding that it’s the perfect time to start wearing a mask.

“Wow, only four months too late. What’s he going to do next, drag his Christmas tree out to the curb? Start making sourdough starter and watching ‘Tiger King’? Govern?” Meyers added. “It took Trump just as long to learn that masks work as it did for him to learn that Lincoln was a Republican.”

Colbert addressed Trump’s mask by pretending the whole world successfully pranked the president into looking “stupid.”

“And I just wanna say: Ha ha! Fell for it, sucker,” he joked. “This was all the long con. We’ve been wearing ’em just to get you to look stupid. You’ve been health’d.”

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