Late Night Roundup: The Hosts Roast the Trumps For Goya Photoshoots: ‘Enough With Beanghazi!’

Late-night hosts Jimmy Fallon, Trevor Noah, and Seth Meyers roasted President Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump for their photoshoots with Goya products on Wednesday — Fallon joking that “Trump immediately had her deported” after his daughter tweeted in Spanish.

“I’m not sure if Ivanka is trying to promote Goya or she’s auditioning to be a model on The Price is Right,” Fallon added before mimicking a game show model giving away a jet ski.

Fallon then went after Trump’s tweet following Ivanka’s incident, which read “Goya Foods is doing great. The radical left smear machine backfired. People are buying like crazy,” and pointed out that Americans are buying canned food because they’re living in the apocalypse.

“Well, at least that’s one Mexican wall Trump’s managed to build,” the host said later. “We have a raging pandemic on our hands and he’s practicing for ‘Supermarket Sweep.’”

After pointing out that Ivanka may have violated an ethics law that prohibits White House employees from promoting or endorsing products, Noah asked, “there are still ethics laws?! I just assumed that after Trump became president the office of ethics violations got converted into a closet for all of his empty KFC buckets.”

“Yes, earlier today, the president released a photo of himself promoting a line of Goya products from the Oval Office,” Noah said. “I mean, I’m glad the president is using his desk for probably the first time in months, but come on guys — you gotta admit, this is pretty embarrassing. The dude doesn’t look like a president; he looks like a local athlete who retired 15 years ago and is desperate for money.”

Noah joked that the picture looked like the ending of The Shining if the movie had been sponsored by Bodegas.

“And it’s crazy how everything has become politicized these days, even beans! Liberals are out there saying, ‘Boycott the beans,’ and the Trump fans are like, ‘We’re going to elect this can of beans to Congress!’” Noah shouted before adding, “Enough with ‘Beanghazi.’

Meyers took a shot at Ivanka’s latest public service campaign, which encourages those who have lost their jobs amid the coronavirus pandemic to simply “find something new” to do, before he roasted her Goya photo-op.

“Ivanka Trump is the last person who should be lecturing anyone on learning new skills to cope with a job loss,” Meyers said. “The only skills she has are having a rich father, making scarves that catch fire, and unnaturally holding up a can of beans, as she demonstrated with this incredibly dumb and most likely illegal tweet last night advertising Goya after the CEO praised Trump.”

Similarly to Fallon’s The Price is Right quip, Meyers then joked that it looked like she was auditioning to be a game show model in the 1980s.

“’The vaccine was behind door number one, but you’ve won a supply of Goya beans! Show ‘em the beans, Ivanka!’” Meyers said, quoting an imaginary game show host.

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