Laura Ingraham Admits Sarah Palin Does Wonders For Democratic Fundraising

Laura Ingraham, filling in for Bill O’Reilly, hosted a discussion on Sarah Palin‘s impact on the Republican Party and surprisingly admitted that Palin is a gift for Democratic fundraisers if she runs for President in 2012, but that she probably “just wants to be on Fox, give speeches, write books, and make a lot of money.”

Ingraham had Washington Post Magazine editor Cathy Areu and Fox News contributor and radio host Tammy Bruce on the Factor to try to interpret Vice President Joe Biden‘s visit to The Viewwhere, yes, he behaved— and his giggly reaction to the thought of Palin running in 2012. Bruce generously interpreted Biden’s laughter as “nervous” and suggested that Palin could prove to be a serious political force, but neither Areu nor Ingraham could support that claim.

Areu suggested the Democrats want her to run for the “Ross Perot factor,” but Ingraham went a little further. Ingraham compared Palin to RNC Chairman Michael Steele and argued the Democrats want to “keep them out there as long as possible– it helps them fundraise and galvanize their base.” Of Palin herself, Ingraham noted, “she’s a person and a personality that they can make money off of.

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