Laura Ingraham Analyzes The Obama/Muslim Doubts But Doesn’t Discredit Them

Last night on the O’Reilly Factor, guest host Laura Ingraham analyzed the disturbing poll which showed that a fifth of the country believes that President Obama is a Muslim. During the segment, she seemed to consciously avoid stating that those people were wrong and, instead, listed the reasons that they might believe the president is a Muslim. Ironically, one of the reasons she listed wasn’t “People on TV listing reasons why people could believe the president is a Muslim.”

Her guest, Roll Call’s David Drucker, refused to agree with her that this was a big problem for the president. Instead, he theorized that, if, say, the economy were going better, people wouldn’t care about trivial issues like this. He compared Obama to President Clinton who was certainly a ‘sinner’ but had high approval ratings because the country was booming. Drucker did, however, agree with Ingraham that things would be a lot better for the president if he would just make more publicized trips to church. Throughout this conversation about how Obama should make his faith more readily visible, the giant cross on Ingraham’s necklace glinted marvelously in the studio lights.

But wait, didn’t Obama spend enough time in church when he was sitting in the front row all those years listening to that so-called evil pastor that Obama haters like to talk about so much? Watch below.

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