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Laura Ingraham And Greg Gutfeld Mock Richard Engel’s Saddam ‘Moderation’ Remark

On Today last week, NBC’s Richard Engel argued that, before the US invasion of Iraq, leader Saddam Hussein was on the road to “moderation,” and that his relationships with Eastern Europe, especially, were improving. Needless to say, on Thursday’s O’Reilly Factor, Laura Ingraham and Greg Gutfeld had a field day with the idea that Hussein was a moderate.

Ingraham opened the segment suggesting Engel thought “Saddam was on the verge of having his own reality show” before the Bush administration’s decision to invade. For Gutfeld, the logic behind Engel’s comments hinged upon what the meaning of “moderation” is. “What does he mean by ‘moderate’?” he asked. “Was he talking about his alcohol intake?… Or was he only going to gas half as many Kurds, or tell his sons that they could only rape women every other weekend?”

“He was clearly going green,” Ingraham mocked, and later blamed the commentary on NBC in general: “When NBC is involved, all bets are off.” Gutfeld didn’t understand exactly why Engel was talking about this anyway: “You’ve got a war that you won; enjoy it!” But Ingraham did see the point: “We’re supposed to be America on our knees begging for mercy all the time, you don’t understand that… get used to it.” “I am, believe me, I’m married,” he retorted.

The segment from Thursday’s Factor via Fox News below:

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