Laura Ingraham And Borough President Scott Stringer Have A Heated Debate Over The “Ground Zero Mosque”

Yesterday, after a tense fight with Alan Colmes over the proposed Islamic community center, Laura Ingraham said it was a good thing the two of them were friends. Tonight we got to see her have the same argument with someone she doesn’t consider a colleague. Her guest was Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer and the conversation got heated very quickly. In a way, the segment worked as a microcosm of the entire mosque debate: it was loud, angry, and, of course, terrific television.

The argument was very similar to the Colmes one from last night. Again Ingraham tried to get her opponent to say whether he agreed with Imam Abdul Rauf’s assertions that America has more blood on its hands than al-Qaeda and, again, he ignored her, instead trying to get her to acknowledge her 2009 interview where she seemed to support the proposed plans. They then both tried to attack each other with competing tragic examples to show the other side as evil. One difference to last night’s debate was the fact that Stringer specifically called out Ingraham’s “Tea Party friends” as well as Fox News (“I didn’t stick to the talking points…”).

One thing you can say for Fox News and Ingraham, with these arguments, they are truly living up to their “Fair and Balanced” slogan by showing both sides of the debate. Now if only we could hear those sides over all the shouting.

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