Laura Ingraham: Barney Frank “Spits” On You Just Like Some In The Tea Party

Right-wingers have been coming up with a handful of creative excuses for the alleged saliva transaction between a Tea Party protester and black Congressman Emanuel Cleaver since the latter went public with the incident. But tonight, Laura Ingraham took the cake with the implication that it is hypocritical to let Congressman Barney Frank spit all over everyone and deny that same right to the Tea Partiers.

Ingraham, who was on The O’Reilly Factor tonight filling in for Bill O’Reilly, was discussing the various accusations of racism against Tea Party protesters with Factor regular Bernie Goldberg. Goldberg challenged them all, attacking Congressman John Lewis for claiming racial slurs were being thrown around on the right and arguing that, if it were true, “you’d think somebody would have heard it,” and Lewis would have done some cable news appearances. Then he defended the protester accused of spitting on Congressman Cleaver, claiming that “even if the guy got some saliva on the Congressman, which is rude, it isn’t racist.”

Laura’s response? “That’s like Barney Frank on any given interview.” Video below:

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