Ingraham Battles O’Reilly Over Syria Intervention: ‘We Lose Moral Authority by Acting’

Bill O’Reilly’s frequent guest host Laura Ingraham dropped by The Factor Thursday night to share her polar opposite views on the Syria intervention with the host. Contrary to O’Reilly’s assertions, Ingraham argued that the U.S. will “lose moral authority by acting.”

Ingraham headed off O’Reilly’s hints at hypocrisy over her support of the Iraq War up top, saying that while she did argue in favor of invading that country, “over the last several years, I have warned Republicans about continuing to go down this path where, when it comes to military engagements, the American public is not seeing how the military engagement improves their lives.”

She said that most of what she had hoped would happen in Iraq turned out to be “wishful thinking” and “instead today Iraq is in total chaos. We had great men and women over there, but we lost blood and treasure and lives have been destroyed and families have been absolutely turned upside down.”

O’Reilly pushed her on the question of whether America’s power will “decline” if we do not strike Syria, but Ingraham maintained her position saying that “the opposite is true,” arguing that it’s America’s “weakness” in the first place that is causing so much chaos in the world. Ingraham also said that the only way the U.S. could lose “moral authority” in this situation is by acting militarily in Syria.

“America has grown weaker in the last eleven years, after a lot of warfare” Ingraham told O’Reilly. “The elites need to prove to America that they have earned their trust back after a lot of mismanagement of our economy, borders and wars. People don’t trust for good reason.”

Watch video below, via Fox News:

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