Laura Ingraham ‘Concerned’ About WH on Immigration: Policy Doesn’t Always Match Trump’s Rhetoric

Fox News’ Laura Ingraham said Friday night that Democrats still have no unifying policy message, but she added that she has concerns about the Trump administration’s handling of the immigration issue.

“I’m concerned tonight that President Trump could be in some way squandering an opportunity to seize on the Democrats’ complete ineffectiveness by lacking a clear vision as it relates to the issue of immigration,” she said.

Speaking directly to Trump, Ingraham continued, “Mr. President, sometimes––sometimes––your rhetoric doesn’t match the policy. And we’re getting sometimes mixed messages. And mixed messages do not help an already deficient Congress.”

She said he needs to continue his big immigration push, suggesting Trump should give big policy speeches on the issue. Ingraham listed off several examples, including that he should “demand and force more deportations.”

“This issue is yours, and the GOP’s now, that’s a good thing. They didn’t want it to be their issue, but you forced it on them. That’s great. Stay there,” Ingraham advised. “You’re the only leader on the scene who can keep Americans and their wages, frankly, safe. But for that to happen, consistent, bold policy, and follow through with the determined rhetoric.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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