Laura Ingraham: Ed Gillespie’s ‘Dance’ Around Trump’s Support ‘Came Off As Desperate’

On Tuesday night, Laura Ingraham weighed in on the Virginia gubernatorial race that resulted in a victory for Democrat Ralph Northam.

She began by telling The Washington Examiner‘s Byron York that the GOP candidate Ed Gillespie “never jumped onboard the Trump train” and was an “old Bush hand,” but he “is who he is” which wasn’t a populist conservative.

Among many things, York mentioned that in parts of Virginia, Northam performed better than Hillary Clinton did during the 2016 election.

“But what does that tell you?” Ingraham reacted. “That tells you a populist conservative like [Donald] Trump who has a strong personality and strong message did do better. He didn’t spend a lot of time campaigning in Virginia… And Ed Gillespie tried to do this dance that ‘I’m not going to campaign with Trump, but he’ll tweet for me and do a last-minute robocall.’ I think in the end that came off as desperate.”

She then added that Gillespie should have campaigned on Trump-like positions like “preserving our history,” “Virginia first,” and “law and order.”

York pointed out that Gillespie was “never comfortable” with Trump and that all GOP candidates running for office “will be asked about Trump.”

“[Democrats] need something to be excited about… otherwise it’s Donna Brazile,” Ingraham joked.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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