Laura Ingraham: Eric Holder Is ‘The Fulcrum Of A Lot Of What’s Gone On Over The Last Four Years’

Radio host Laura Ingraham appeared on Fox & Friends Tuesday, where she took a moment to question Attorney General Eric Holder‘s role in the investigation into General David Petraeus‘ affair.

Are we supposed to believe, she asked, that Holder didn’t talk to President Barack Obama — “one of his closest friends” — about the situation? Holder has been, she added ,”at the center of voter ID cases, immigration cases against Arizona, Fast & Furious, the refusal to prosecute the New Black Panther Party” and she simply doesn’t buy that he didn’t confer with Obama about the investigation into Petraeus’ relationship:

I mean, Eric Holder is the fulcrum of a lot of what’s gone on over the last four years. He’s very close to the President. And I do not believe, after all the years I’ve been here, that Eric Holder would have kept information from the President about a CIA director being a part of a federal investigation. And if he did, I think that’s incompetence or malfeasance.

Have a look, via Fox News:

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