Laura Ingraham Holds Rep. Eric Cantor’s “Feet To The Fire” And He Looks Terrified

Man, Laura Ingraham is a tough interviewer. All this week, her hard questions to guests on the mosque debate have forced her opponents to begin yelling to try and get their point across. Tonight though, Rep. Eric Cantor tried a different ploy in responding to her: look terrified and wait for the segment to end.

Ingraham cornered Cantor on rumors that he wouldn’t repeal this year’s new Health Care laws if the GOP were in charge come November. Cantor through an enormous smile on his face and tried to explain to Ingraham that he was shocked she would even think that. She seemed skeptical however and every time she moved onto a new topic (like whether Cantor would sign onto Rep. Paul Ryan’s “Roadmap for America’s Future”) Cantor responded would respond with a few seconds of stunned silence before talking. All due respect to Rep. Cantor, but this was not a good showing.

With this guest hosting week coming to a close, it’s clear that, whether you agree with Laura Ingraham or not, this has been a damned entertaining batch of episodes.

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