Laura Ingraham: House Dems Are ‘Committing a Fraud’ By Subpoenaing Mueller Report


Fox News host Laura Ingraham is not at all happy that House Democrats voted to subpoena the Mueller report. In fact, she insisted during her show on Wednesday that Democrats are “committing a fraud.”

“Today, the Democrats engaged in a bit of theater in a desperate effort to keep the Russian collusion drama going,” Ingraham began. “Jerry Nadler’s Judiciary Committee, along party lines, voted to subpoena the entire unredacted Mueller report, and all supporting evidence from the Department of Justice.”

Then after playing a clip of Nadler’s words, she added: “Now understand this, with this move, Nadler is — well, the committee, again, party line vote — is actually committing a fraud. It’s a fraud if ultimately filed at the Justice Department, on the Justice Department. And just the discussion of it, it’s a fraud on the American people.”

Then, driving her point home she continued on, “Any judge considering this should sanction any lawyer who signs his name on this request for a subpoena.”

Watch above, via Fox News

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