Laura Ingraham: ‘It’s Tempting’ to Call For Mueller’s Firing, But He Needs To Pause His Probe


Laura Ingraham blasted the ongoing Mueller investigation over the recent revelations that give the appearance of conflicts of interest and bias.

The Fox News host began by railing against the “Clinton and Obama loyalists” who “burrowed into Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s office, accusing them of attempting to prevent Donald Trump of getting elected. She pointed to former top investigator Peter Strzok saying in a text that they needed an “insurance policy” to stop Trump, a text that also implicated Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe.

“This entire investigation, these texts, all of it — this has become a complete farce,” Ingraham said. “They have an unlimited budget, they have an unlimited staff, they basically have an unlimited term. Mueller’s team can stay on the hunt forever how long they want. It’s insane!”

She listed off a few things that need to happen in order to “stabilize the situation.” Included in her list was the immediate firing of McCabe for allowing Strzok to be a lead investigator in the Russia probe after being a key player in Hillary Clinton‘s exoneration in 2016 and for potentially conspiring with Strzok against Trump as one text suggests, calling that a possible “smoking gun.”

Ingraham then turned to Mueller. She acknowledged that for years he served with honor and distinction, but added it doesn’t change the fact that his investigation has become “irreparably tainted.”

“Now, I’m not calling for Mueller to be fired. It’s tempting, but I’m not,” she clarified. “But at the very least, he needs to put the brakes on this investigation. At least pause it for a bit.”

She also called for a “respected, independent expert” to “thoroughly examine” those conducting the investigation and fire anyone who even hinted at an appearance of a conflict of interest, warning that otherwise, the public’s confidence in Mueller’s investigation “will and should collapse under its own weight.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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