Laura Ingraham on Reuniting Migrant Kids: ‘Lord Knows How Much Money It Took’

Fox News’ Laura Ingraham railed against the left for trying to frame President Donald Trump‘s zero-tolerance immigration policy as “heartless.”

She then kvetched because, in her own words, “Lord knows how much money it took” to reunite migrant kids with their parents.

Ingraham started by noting that the Trump administration had announced 1412 children have been delivered to parents in immigration custody.

She added, it “took hundreds of staffers, apparently, to carry out.”

“Lord knows how much money it took,” she then said before declaring a mere few words later, “But the fact that this ever happened drove the left to cry ‘Trump’s a heartless guy.'”

Ingraham, who previously declared the media “painted a grim picture” of separated kids, rolled tape on CNN’s Dana Bash and MSNBC’s Al Sharpton calling the policy cruel and questioning if the children were white if feelings would be the same.

She then, not surprisingly, said the person who really deserved the blame for the current policy was not Trump, but Obama.

Watch above, via Fox News

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