Laura Ingraham Tells Bill O’Reilly: Meghan McCain Is A ‘Poor Man’s Ron Reagan’

If Meghan McCain was looking to put her name in the mouths of pundits for at least the foreseeable end of this news cycle, chalk up one victory to her. Her comment that Rep. Michele Bachmann was little more than a “poor man’s Sarah Palin” fronted The O’Reilly Factor tonight, where guest Laura Ingraham seemed frustrated about having to discuss McCain at all, finally concluding that it was she who was a “poor man’s Ron Reagan.”

Bill O’Reilly‘s Talking Points Memo today addressed the comment in the context of the greater disputes within the Republican Party, and how they may affect the party’s chances in 2012. Using Van Jones‘s comments about equality of socioeconomic outcome in America to highlight the rift between left and right, O’Reilly then addressed the rift between moderate and far-right conservatives, and, again, brought up the younger McCain as an example of what sort of public intra-party disputes could arise from it. Ingraham agreed in that there was a schism in the party, but argued that there was little need to listen to people like the elder McCain and those on his segment of the aisle. We have to go back to Bush 41, Bob Dole, and John McCain,” she joked, “because they are big winners.”

Then Ingraham had to address the younger McCain head-on, and her immediate reaction was nothing but exasperation. “Are you serious?” she asked O’Reilly as she needed to discuss her. The only reason Meghan McCain is getting any traction, God bless her, is because of her last name,” she argued. Discussing the two women McCain compared– one a longtime elected official, the other a former elected official turned reality TV star– in such terms was unproductive, she continued, as was giving McCain a voice. “Last time I checked, she was talking about a tattoo.” She then proceeded to call McCain a “poor man’s Ron Reagan.”

No love lost between these two, at least on Ingraham’s end. Interesting to see if McCain will take to the Factor‘s competitor again to rebut Ingraham’s criticisms.

The segment via Fox News below:

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