Laura Ingraham: Republicans Should ‘Avoid Joining the PC Puritans of the Left’ Throwing Northam Under the Bus


Fox News’ Laura Ingraham tonight said that the Democratic calls for Ralph Northam to resign are connected to “the rise of the PC puritans” on the left.

She brought up accusations of racism against President Donald Trump before running down a list:

“In their America, the wall is racist. Deporting illegals is racist. ICE is racist. Century-old monuments, they’re racist. Assimilation, definitely racist. Requiring English be spoken, absolutely racist. College Indian mascots, oh, they were way racist. Way beyond blackface, many costumes are now racist.”

And then Ingraham brought up Northam and said he put liberals in a pickle because of his past actions. She noted the widespread calls from Democrats for Northam to resign, saying, “The left now finds itself hoisted on its own petard.”

Democrats, she continued, are now “PC puritans, a band of politically correct enforcers who traverse the culture, stamping out any and all who violate their ever-shifting ethical codes.”

“So now everybody is walking on eggshells everywhere avoid being called out for white privilege or gender privilege, without the privilege of knowing what this new orthodoxy even requires,” Ingraham said. “Ralph Northam’s face will ultimately be decided by Democrats in the Commonwealth and Republicans would do well to avoid joining the PC puritans of the left. Because the Democrats, they’re tripping all over themselves to prove how enlightened they are by throwing even their own under the PC express.”

She elaborated a bit later in her show about why she thinks the condemnation of Northam is going too far:

“It’s easy for Republicans to kind of sit on the sidelines here and kind of laugh. ‘He deserves it. Glad they got him. Gotcha, gotcha, gotcha.’ I don’t like any of this stuff, I really don’t. I don’t like the fact that this becomes someone’s entire life, whether it’s a photo or an offhand statement, made years ago or recently. I’m not saying––obviously it’s a really bad photo. But I don’t like when Republicans are sending this stuff around on social media, reveling in the moment. I don’t think that’s the way to go. I don’t. I mean, because I had someone on Friday saying, ‘Well, Ralph Northam’s obviously a racist.’ It was on my favorite guests, and I said, ‘Do you really think he’s a racist?’ He said, ‘Yes, I do.’ I mean, I think that photo’s a bad photo. But I think to say someone is a racist because of what they did in med school with a Halloween costume, I don’t think that’s going to go into a good place for this country.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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