Laura Ingraham Says Lebron is Wrong: Trump Didn’t ‘Divide’, Fans Just ‘Didn’t Like’ the Kneeling

On Wednesday night, Laura Ingraham responded to LeBron James‘s claim that President Donald Trump has “used sports” to divide us.

On CNN, the NBA All-Star told Don Lemon that this “race thing” has taken over the country and that the president has used the ongoing kneeling debate as a way for the country to be divided because of sports.

While Ingraham gave LeBron James repeated praise for the school he opened in Ohio, she rejected his accusation towards Trump.

“Why is the president dividing the country along sports lines?” Ingraham asked. “People kneel at the national anthem at football games- I mean, the people in the stands reacted to that. Trump spoke about it, but the fans didn’t like it.”

The Fox News host explained that athletes “have every right to comment on politics,” but those who do should expect to have “half of the country” disagreeing with them.

“When people go to sporting events, they just want to enjoy the sports,” Ingraham continued. “They want to enjoy LeBron- and it doesn’t mean he doesn’t do great things. He does great things.”

Ingraham then offered praise to Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott for expressing his opposition towards kneeling during the national anthem.

“I adore him! He’s the new Tim Tebow,” Ingraham reacted. “I love him.”

Ingraham faced heavy backlash after she reacted to previous attacks James made against the president, calling on him to “shut up and dribble,” a phase she has similarly used on other entertainers who weigh in on politics.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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