Laura Ingraham Says Sentencing Memo Shows Mueller Probe ‘A Big Zero’ But Also ‘What They Did to Flynn is Disgusting’


On FNC on Tuesday night, host Laura Ingraham covered the topic of the sentencing memo on Michael Flynn, and along with her guests, suggested that Robert Mueller is coming up with nothing but a “big zero” in the special counsel investigation into Donald Trump‘s campaign and collusion with Russia.

Unless what was redacted is explosive, she caveats.

Ingraham didn’t go quite as far as Rep. Mark Meadows did on Hannity in the previous hour, who said that the fact that Flynn cooperated and provided “substantial assistance” to investigators was a “good thing” for Trump because Flynn was probably telling them how innocent Trump is of any of the charges. But she did say that the whole thing appears to be a big nothing. And like Sean Hannity, who said what’s happening to Flynn is “sad and pathetic,” Ingraham said the whole thing is “disgusting.”

“I don’t think it’s helpful to attack Mueller every day, and I don’t,” said Ingraham. “I tend to look at what they produce.”

“After 18 months — and you’ve got this guy in a vice grip for 18 months,” she said, lifting up the papers on her desk and shaking them, “This? I mean, unless those reductions are really, like, knock your socks off, maybe they will be–I think this is a big zero. I think this Mueller thing, and what they did to Flynn is disgusting.”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of FOX News Channel.

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