Laura Ingraham Slams Kirsten Gillibrand’s ‘Political Expediency’ On Clinton: She’s Prepping For 2020


Laura Ingraham took some shots at Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) for her sudden condemnation for Bill Clinton.

During an interview with The New York Times, Gillibrand was asked if the former president should have stepped down due to the numerous allegations and she said he should have resigned.

“Let’s face it, the reason why Kirsten Gillibrand has finally found sense is that she’s positioning herself for a 2020 presidential bid,” Ingraham reacted. “She wants to run for higher office.”

She then ripped the New York senator for relying on Clinton for fundraising when she ran back in 2006 and she and other Democratic women had “no problem” turning a deaf ear to his sexual assault accusations that “dogged Clinton for decades.”

“But with sex pigs now being called to account for their misdeeds in the wake of the [Harvey] Weinstein scandal, well Democrats have suddenly discovered a moral conscience,” Ingraham elaborated. “And now they even see their former heroes with new eyes.”

Ingraham mocked Democrats for not thinking of Clinton as a predator when he appeared at every DNC convention since he left office or when he rallied for countless candidates, most recently Virginia Governor-elect Phil Murphy, but since Hillary Clinton lost the election and his behavior is being reexamined, he’s suddenly a “leper” to the party “that enabled him for decades.”

“Sell it somewhere else,” she added. “None of us believe it.”

The Fox News host dismissed Gillibrand and other Democrats’ turn on Clinton as “political expediency.”

“The Democratic Party knows what we all know: The Clinton brand is over. It’s damaged. The Clintons have outlived their usefulness and the usefulness to the party is nil,” Ingraham continued. “It’s safe to throw them under the bus. So it’s safe to look away, safe to say he should have been canned when he was found out about [Monica] Lewinsky. So enough with all the glowing praise of Gillibrand for her ‘brave stand’ and the Democratic truth tellers who are now coming around to acknowledging Bill’s lustrous past. They were opportunists then and they’re opportunists now.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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