Laura Ingraham Slams Trump, Bannon: Aren’t You ‘Playing Right Into the Hands’ of Dems?


On Wednesday night, Laura Ingraham kicked off her show by criticizing President Trump and Steve Bannon‘s recently-sparked feud.

The Fox News host began by claiming the left is “hoping” that Bannon’s remarks about the Trump Tower meeting Donald Trump Jr. had with a Russian lawyer who claimed to have dirt on Hillary Clinton will “breathe life” in Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s ongoing investigation — which she said started a “Pavlovian feeding frenzy” in the media.

“Who does this help?” Ingraham asked Trump and Bannon directly. “Does this kinda unseemly tit-for-tat advance the consecutive populace agenda at all? What’s going through, frankly, both sides’ minds?”

Ingraham went on to say that Bannon’s remarks have “given credence” to the “worst conspiracy theories” of those looking to impeach Trump, and that he has “won a trip to testify on Capitol Hill.”

“And is that what Bannon wants?” Ingraham said “I know Steve Bannon – is that what he wants?”

Ingraham urged the president and the former chief strategist to have a “substantive exchange” if the two men have different policy positions and to “rally voters” to make their argument. But she added it “doesn’t make sense” for them to publicly attack each other “when the stakes are this high.”

“Aren’t you kinda playing right into the hands of Democrats and the media, who are hoping for nothing more than your mutually assured destruction?” Ingraham said. “Ironically, what Bannon’s comments, again if accurate, have actually done, they kinda created a tidal wave of establishment support for President Trump. They are rallying into his side today. Not exactly how we saw this story developing.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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