Laura Ingraham Warns: Educating ‘Illegal Children’ is Too Expensive

On Thursday night, Fox News’ Laura Ingraham suggested that America shouldn’t bother with providing education to immigrant children who entered the country illegally.

Ingraham used a portion of her latest show to bemoan the financial burden incurred on public schools when educators are asked to teach children who can’t speak English that came into the country with their families. Fox ran a chyron describing these kids as “illegal children” while Ingraham continued to list the costs that come with educating migrant children who might end up leaving school while they still lack the skills to be “productive members of society.”

Ingraham continued the segment by interviewing former teacher Deborah Pace about the challenges that come with educating non-American kids. The Fox host insisted that she wasn’t blaming migrant children for this situation, “but nevertheless, we have to look out for the American people and taxpayers.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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