Laura Ingraham Warns ‘GOP Fence-Sitters’ on Senate Trial: Why Would You ‘Drag This Thing Out Further’?


Laura Ingraham warned Republican “fence-sitters” tonight they better be ready to live with the consequences if they go against the rest of their party in any way on the Senate trial.

Ingraham dismissed the revelations in John Bolton’s book about Ukraine aid as a “red herring,” accompanied by a graphic showing Bolton with a literal red herring.

“I like Bolton, he’s been on the show a number of times, but he’s a neocon who should have never been hired in the first place,” she said. “We do not need to hear from him or read what he writes. Again, none of what he could say and none of what he could write could change the facts as they occurred. It is long past time to put an end, a merciful end to this impeachment fiasco.”

She then mocked Republicans like Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, and Lisa Murkowski for their openness to witnesses like Bolton, remarking, “Do they consider this moment a moment to show Chuck Todd and the New York Times that they’re the good Republicans, they’re the respectable Republicans, not like Trump?”

Yet long after their one night stand with the liberals ends, their constituents will see their posturing for what it is. A walk of shame. Allowing this circus is to continue for months — we will be here for months if this continues with witnesses. It means allowing the people’s business to languish. It’s a bad move. Let’s urge them to call the vote now. They want to vote to convict Trump? Then live with the consequences.”

Ingraham gave viewers the Senate switchboard number and told them to call their senators and “tell them how you feel” before speaking directly to the “fence-sitters”:

“I will personally fly out to cover your town halls. I’ll be there reporting on them, if you’re brave enough to have any. After a vote to drag this thing out further. Utah has got to be experiencing a wicked case of voter’s remorse, I’m sorry… If you want to remove a U.S. president on the facts that are now indisputable, and you want to do it nine months before an election, and you you want to side with Schiff and Jerry Nadler over your own constituents, your constituents who are enjoying a thriving economy and want government to get back to the stuff that really matters, then go ahead, be my guest, go do it. Then I have another idea. Just ask Jeff Flake how life is after the Democrats no longer had any use for him.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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