Laura Ingraham Sheepishly Reveals Whether She Prefers Male Or Female Massage Therapists

On Tuesday on Fox & Friends, conservative radio host Laura Ingraham discussed some of the Obama administration’s proposed changes to welfare reform’s work requirements. Among the new activities that would qualify as “work,” massage therapy was among them. When the conversation turned to whether Ingraham preferred a male or female massage therapist, Ingraham became embarrassed and evasive but did eventually answer the question.

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Ingraham said that President Barack Obama had cornered the massage therapist vote with his new requirements for welfare reform which would now include their profession.

“Do you like a woman masseuse or a male masseuse,” co-host Brian Kilmeade asked Ingraham.

“What is this? An MTV interview or Fox & Friends,” asked Ingraham. “This is The Real World. This is The Real World, Fox & Friends-style.”

Co-host Gretchen Carlson offered that she has no preference and would take either a female or male massage therapist.

“Men,” replied Ingraham belatedly. “They’re usually stronger – it’s a lot of sports injuries, guys.”

“I’m never speechless,” Ingraham concluded. “I’m never going to live this down.”

Watch the segment below via Fox News Channel:

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