Laurence Tribe Rails Against Fox News ‘Hack’ Jonathan Turley: ‘Doesn’t Know What He’s Talking About’


Harvard University Professor Emeritus Laurence Tribe had some harsh words for George Washington University Law professor and Fox News legal analyst Jonathan Turley.

On CNN’s Erin Burnett OutFront, Wednesday, host Erin Burnett played a Fox News clip of Turley condemning the idea that former President Donald Trump could be banned from holding office again through the 14th Amendment.

“I think that it’s the most dangerous theory that has emerged in decades. I think it’s entirely unsupported by the text and history of the 14th Amendment,” said Turley in the clip:

This provision was written after the Civil War, an actual rebellion where hundreds of thousands of people died. It is notable that Trump has not been charged even with incitement, let alone rebellion or insurrection, and yet they say that this doesn’t even require an act of Congress, that any judge can simply announce that he was supporting an insurrection and that he is therefore disqualified.

After Burnett asked Tribe whether Turley had a point, he responded, “Absolutely not. Mr. Turley doesn’t know what he’s talking about,” before arguing:

The fact that there was no charge of incitement, no conviction, that’s not the point. This provision was written specifically as an alternative saying whether you’re convicted or not. They didn’t expect people to be convicted under President Andrew Johnson after the Civil War. Whether you’re convicted or not, that’s a separate matter, but if you engage in an attempt to overturn the government, you shouldn’t be entrusted with power again.

Now he says hundreds of thousands of people died. How many have to die before we enforce this? There were several who died at the Capitol during the insurrection. That’s all nonsense. It is conservatives like Judge Luttig and members of the Federalist Society who agree with me.

Tribe concluded by saying, “I’m afraid that Jonathan Turley is basically a hack. He doesn’t really know what he’s talking about.”

Watch above via CNN.

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