Law and Order: SVU‘s Next Episode Looks Like it Was Inspired by Roger Ailes

Law & Order: SVU is known for its “ripped-from-the-headlines” episodes. Back in 2013, they did a Paula Deen/Trayvon Martin episode. In 2015, they did a Robert Durst-inspired season premiere. Now, they seem to be taking on former Fox News network chief Roger Ailes.

The Hollywood Reporter has a sneak peek, and the TV show tweeted their own promo today as well. Ailes, of course resigned following a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by Gretchen Carlson. Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly also said that Ailes once harassed her, and since then, numerous others, including CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota have said that Ailes has sexually harassed them.

The episode, called “The Newsroom,” is focused on a news anchor named Bonnie Somerville who accuses her boss, named Howard Coyle of rape. When Coyle hears of the allegations, he denies them, and suggests that she’s only made them because she’s “aging out of the demo,” and looking for “leverage.” He also reveals that Somerville had recently found out she was being replaced on the network.

The timing of the episode is interesting. Just last week, it was announced that Bill O’Reilly would also be leaving Fox News following a report from The New York Times that said five women got payouts from O’Reilly or 21st Century Fox in exchange for not pursuing lawsuits or speaking about their allegations against the anchor.

The episode airs Wednesday night on NBC. Watch the video above, via Law & Order: SVU.

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