After Another Lawrence O’Donnell Trump Rant, Guest Says, “We Need Something New To Talk About”

Lawrence O’Donnell does not like Donald Trump. And as he’s done so many times before (here, here, here here, and here), O’Donnell devoted some time on tonight’s Last Word to blast what he doesn’t consider a serious presidential bid. He detailed some of the reasons why on tonight’s program, but in a shocking twist, it seems hearing about Donald Trump is actually getting old for some…and guest Melissa Harris-Perry wasn’t afraid to say so.

O’Donnell’s argument against the viability of Trump’s candidacy was three pronged tonight: he contended that 1) Trump doesn’t have enough money to run an actual campaign; 2) Trump doesn’t have enough money that he can afford to miss out on his Apprentice paycheck (“Ask yourself why no other ‘billionaire’ is in the cast of an NBC TV show, or in the cast of any TV show, anywhere”); 3) Trump’s “fragile ego” couldn’t handle a loss.

One Biggest Loser pun later, O’Donnell welcomed guest Melissa Harris-Perry, who right away made her feelings on the Trump issue known:

“We need something new to talk about, Lawrence.”

They shared a laugh over that one, but the sentiment seemed genuine…and she’s not alone. Whether this actually leads to people not talking about Trump anymore, however, remains to be seen. Video, via MSNBC, below.

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