Lawrence O’Donnell And Obama Classmate On Harvard Video: ‘Why Would Anyone Hide This Speech?’

The video of President Obama praising– and later, hugging– Professor Derrick Bell during his days at Harvard Law School has taken over most of today’s headlines, the evidence fully released tonight on Hannity. On tonight’s Last Word, Lawrence O’Donnell took the positive side of that video, noting that most students of President Obama’s stature on campus “sped away from controversy wherever it might erupt,” and interviewing a fellow student protester on campus.

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Keith Boykin of The Daily Voice noted that the group invited President Obama to speak because of his position on the law review, and was happy to hear him speak on Bell more than the protest himself. Boykin admitted that Bell was “a mentor to me and many others,” and that he had spoken at the professor’s funeral, but found the attacks on him and the President bizarre, since the President’s decision to support the protest was, in his eyes, a positive decision, and Bell himself a figure worthy of praise. “Why would anyone hide this speech?” he asked O’Donnell, who noted that, to conservatives, “Derrick Bell is one of the great American radicals and a danger to society.”

The segment via MSNBC below:

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