Lawrence O’Donnell Bids Farewell To Palin: She’s ‘Lost Even The Slightest Connection To Political Relevance’

“It’s all over for Sarah Palin now,” Lawrence O’Donnell declared on his show’s “Rewrite” Monday night. With Palin parting ways with Fox News, the MSNBC host took a look back at the former vice presidential candidate’s much-discussed presidential aspirations… that never materialized.

Losing vice presidential candidates “lose their political futures,” O’Donnell asserted. Yet people seriously discussion the possibility that she would run for president. And even seriously discussed that she could possibly win.

Taking a trip down memory lane, O’Donnell recalled the days when the media hung on her every tweet and Facebook post. When people “feared” she could make her way to the White House.

But things are different now. Now “she has lost even the slightest connection to political relevance since Fox News last week unceremoniously dumped her from their paid players list.” And she won’t be missed as a pundit.

Keep in mind, however, one thing about Palin, O’Donnell remarked: Unlike many other pundits, “Sarah Palin never once fell for the idea that Sarah Palin could actually run for president.”

Have a look, via MSNBC:

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