Lawrence O’Donnell Blasts Alan Grayson Over Tax Cuts: “Be An Adult About This!”

Last night Lawrence O’Donnell got into a very interesting and entertaining row with Rep. Alan Grayson over the extension Bush tax cuts. The back-and-forth between the host and the outgoing Florida Congressman started when Grayson confirmed that he would be voting against the tax bill, then launched into his inimitable style of aggressive rhetoric, attacking both the GOP and President Obama. After Grayson declared who he thought would be hit hardest if these tax cuts were not enacted, O’Donnell exasperatedly exclaimed “Wrong!” and things got even more heated from there.

We’ve long been fans of the job that Mr. O’Donnell does on his new show, largely because he is not afraid to call things as he sees them, and often surprises viewers. Case in point, the following segment, in which O’Donnell seems to set a trap for Grayson, only so that he can admonish him publicly (and score valuable points for moderates who don’t care for Grayson’s histrionics).

To be fair, in the opening part of the segment, Grayson makes a decent point. Comparing income taxes on the poor to the rich is apples and oranges. Hedge fund billionaires get most of their income from investments, which is what Grayson’s talking about. But O’Donnell takes great exception with some of Grayson’s assertions, and pointedly chides him to “be an adult about this.”

Watch the clip from MSNBC below:

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