Lawrence O’Donnell Congratulates Jonathan Krohn On His Newfound ‘Left-Leaning’ Views

On his show Monday night, Lawrence O’Donnell caught up with Jonathan Krohn, who was once touted as a conservative political prodigy of sorts. Relishing in Krohn’s newfound “left-leaning” views, O’Donnell asked about his evolution and where he stands now.

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Politics isn’t about being a part of an ideology, Krohn said, noting, “I don’t have all the answers.” He added that it was “naive” of him not to have an open mind, not to consider the possibility of other ideas being correct.

Nonetheless, Krohn doesn’t quite consider himself a liberal now either. While he does have “more left-leaning ideas than right-leaning ideas,” he said he doesn’t “want to be labeled as anything.”

As for some specifics, Krohn told O’Donnell that his social conservative ideas were the first to go. Dubbing them “regimental” and “dogmatic,” Krohn said he found them suppressive. A beaming O’Donnell praised Krohn for being well-read in philosophy (which Krohn said shaped his political views), and told him, “Congratulations on your thinking and your opening of your mind.”

Take a look, via MSNBC:

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