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Lawrence O’Donnell Has The Last Word On Snooki And Education

Lawrence O’Donnell‘s new MSNBC show, The Last Word, premieres tonight at 10pmET, and he’s appearing all over the network today to promote it.

With Education Nation as the main topic, O’Donnell successfully took Joe Scarborough‘s joke on Morning Joe about Snooki and connected it to our education system.

Drawing from news of the revelations regarding Snooki’s alcohol poisoning (back in May, don’t worry people), Scarborough joked about the story. “I think Snooki highlights the problem in public education,” said O’Donnell, with Scarborough responding, “There’s no doubt about it.”

O’Donnell kept it going. “She had fine teachers, she went to the finest schools, and look where she’s ended up,” he said.

So anyway, back to education, right? “But it’s true,” he continued, joking. “Think about Snooki. Seriously.” Oh wait, seriously? Um, alright let’s hear this out:

When we talk about teachers, and we try to lay all the blame on them and we say, ‘why can’t that teacher get that kid’s score up,’ watch Jersey Shore. Watch it. And tell me what teacher could possibly have reached anyone of them, to get any one of their scores up, in any subject.

And with that, the bookers of The Last Word crossed The Situation off their potential guest list. Here’s the full segment, which contains about six minutes of an actual discussion about our education system (including some friendly banter between O’Donnell and Scarborough):

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