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Lawrence O’Donnell Mocks ‘General O’Reilly’ and the War on the War on Christmas™

Lawrence O’Donnell used his Rewrite segment Tuesday night to engage in some light mockery of General Bill O’Reilly, the merry warrior leading the Fox News brigade in the War on Christmas™. Whether it was just an excuse to talk about O’Reilly again, or just to promote the NBC Rockefeller Tree lighting special, O’Donnell took special glee in poking fun at O’Reilly’s imaginary war.

O’Donnell repeatedly referred to his Fox rival as “General O’Reilly” and said that if nothing else, this post-Thanksgiving season O’Reilly’s producers are grateful for the “recycled script” they get to trot out every Christmas. O’Donnell took O’Reilly’s ego down a few pegs, and on O’Reilly’s assertion that Congress upheld “Judeo-Christian” traditions when it made Christmas a federal holiday, he said that there’s “absolutely nothing Judeo about Congress making Christmas a holiday.”

O’Donnell then used the opportunity to tell O’Reilly that if he thinks the secular media’s trying to throttle all mentions of the word Christmas, he might be shocked to learn that NBC actually has a Christmas tree lighting special on Wednesday night, and it’s been done for decades “with no help from Bill O’Reilly.”

Watch the video below, via MSNBC:

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