Lawrence O’Donnell Skewers Eric Cantor, Instructs Him How Bills Become Law

The Last Word host Lawrence O’Donnell went after House Majority Leader Eric Cantor for, apparently, not knowing how a bill is made into law.

Ever helpful, O’Donnell even opened his show by playing the famous and beloved “I’m Just a Bill” song from Schoolhouse Rock. He then explained the three-fold process – a process that “any American child knows” – by which a bill is made into law.

As disturbing a Cantor’s statement was to O’Donnell, the host reserved a good bulk of his ire for Cantor’s colleagues in Washington and for the news media in general, for not so much as batting an eyelash at the fact that an elected official would not grasp quite how government works. Said O’Donnell of the media’s view on congressional Republicans:

Michele Bachmann has enured them all to utter idiocy. They are impervious to it now. A room full of Washington reporters get sit there and hear a Republican leader of Congres say the stupidest thing that’s ever been said in a congressional news conference and not respond in any way.

Cantor, says O’Donnell, should apologize not only to Congress for his comment, but also to his constituents, the President, and “every high school student in America who knows more about government than he does.” He then welcomed Representative Barney Frank to the show to discuss Cantor even further.

Watch the clip, from MSNBC:

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