Lawrence O’Donnell Tears Into CPAC’s ‘Losers’ Lineup: Will Mitt Romney ‘Be Booed For Being Such A Loser?’

“Reality is a hard thing for right-wing conservatives to hold on to,” Lawrence O’Donnell said during his “Rewrite” on Wednesday. Exhibit A being CPAC — where “as usual, reality-based speaking will be discouraged.”

While the lineup includes the “usual suspects,” O’Donnell turned his attention to one particular speaker: “the most desperate man in Washington these days.” Sen. Mitch McConnell, “whose reign is now seriously threatened by an actress who does not currently live in his state.”

In fact, he added, the second-biggest category of speakers at CPAC, after Congress, is “losers.” It should be named the “Losers Political Action Conference.” O’Donnell went on to cite a laundry list of said losers, including Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich.

That also includes “the biggest loser of them all.” Mitt Romney.

Here, O’Donnell found himself faced with a question: “Will Romney be cheered for saying the extreme, conservative stuff that everyone knows he doesn’t mean? Or will he be booed for being such a loser?”

Which, of course, led to O’Donnell’s reel of Romney’s “greatest hits” — with the MSNBC host questioning what he’ll add to that reel during his CPAC speech.

Video below, via MSNBC:

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