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Lawrence O’Donnell Torments Glenn Beck Over Apocalypse And Dares Him To Respond

Lawrence O’Donnell has launched a crusade against Glenn Beck and his talk of an impending apocalypse. As evidenced by prior proclamations that the “apocalypse is not happening” and that he is “driving Beck crazy,” O’Donnell wants Beck’s attention and is satisfied that he finally got it.

O’Donnell asks “how long will [Beck’s] audience allow him to be wrong” when every new day turns out not to be the end of the world? Then O’Donnell launched into a lengthy critique of everything about Beck, suggesting that unlike Beck, Thomas Jefferson and most educated followers of religion know not to take passages of the Bible literally. Finally, in a cryptic and intense monologue, O’Donnell revealed just how much he is enjoying tormenting Beck:

“Tomorrow Glenn Beck will be torn between the businessman side of himself who wants dearly to never refer to me in any way again for the rest of his life and the religious fanatic side of himself that so far has been unable to resist the temptation I have put before him. Knowing what I know about Beck, his money and his religion, I’m betting on the businessman win.”

This is where O’Donnell displays some true intelligence as he boxes Beck into an awkward position. If Beck doesn’t respond to O’Donnell, O’Donnell suggests it’s because Beck doesn’t really believe what he preaches and is truly just seeking ratings. However, if O’Donnell can drag Beck into a continued conversation about religion then not only would O’Donnell’s profile rise, but it seems like O’Donnell would truly enjoy the debate.

Watch the clip from MSNBC below:

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