Lawrence O’Donnell Wonders If Melania Trump Decided to Go to Border After Watching His Show


MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell is wondering if the First Lady watches his program.

Melania Trump traveled to a border facility in Texas today where children are being kept.

O’Donnell tonight wondered––after going through the jacket controversy––where the idea for her to travel there came from.

He noted how President Trump “takes direction” from Fox News, claiming that “no one on Fox News ever suggested that Melania Trump should go to the border.”

And if it was her idea, O’Donnell posited, it may have come in response to comments he made earlier this week:

“And so we are at another possible First Lady moment. A moment where the First Lady can actually do something that none of the rest of us can. In the jails that Donald Trump is now running on the Southern border for children and toddlers and babies, the rules say that none of the people working there can tough the children… Melania Trump can give one of those untouchable little girls the warmth she deserves, the hug she deserves… from one immigrant to another.”

“Is it possible that while the President is taking dictation from Fox News,” O’Donnell asked, “the First Lady is in another room somewhere watching another news channel and getting ideas of her own?”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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