Lawyer For Second Kavanaugh Accuser Defends Her Credibility: Probably ‘Most Careful’ Client I’ve Ever Repped


John Clune, the lawyer representing Brett Kavanaugh accuser Debbie Ramirez, appeared on CNN Tuesday night and defended his client’s credibility against questions from Anderson Cooper.

Ramirez, in a New Yorker report, accused President Donald Trump‘s Supreme Court nominee of exposing himself to her and thrusting his genitals in her face at a party at Yale University in the 1980s. Kavanaugh vehemently denied the allegations and his supporters have pointed to problems with Ramirez’s story, including her concession that her memory of the incident is not exactly clear.

Cooper first asked Clune about reports that it took Ramirez six days, after speaking to the New Yorker, before she felt confidant naming Kavanaugh as the man who assaulted her.

Clune said Ramirez is “very, very careful and very deliberate that she’s not putting information out there. She realizes the gravity of the situation in which she’s coming forward. So she wanted to be very, very careful. It’s 35 years old. She wanted to make sure that what she was actually going to be disclosing publicly was information that she could rely on and she could stand by, and it was accurate.”

The attorney said Ramirez spent the six days working to make sure all the information she put forward was accurate.

The CNN host asked if the lawyer Ramirez first spoke to — former Boulder District Attorney Stan Garnett — was “politically motivated” and “encouraged her to specifically cite Judge Kavanaugh even though her memory was not full on that.”

“There is no way [Garnett] would play politics with some sort of information like this,” Clune said. “He cares about victims of sexual violence and wouldn’t put forth information that was not accurate.”

“She is probably the most careful and conscientious client that I’ve ever represented,” Clune added of Ramirez. “She is very adamant that she’s not going to put forward information that she doesn’t actually recall and doesn’t think it’s something she can rely on. And to the extent she was looking for any additional information, that was just smart investigation to make sure she wasn’t remembering things inaccurately or by the passage of time.”

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