Lawyer on CNN: Trump Will Be Deposed in Defamation Case Within the Next Few Months

Nancy Erika Smith, the attorney who entered the public eye by representing Gretchen Carlson in her lawsuit against Roger Ailes, seemed quite confident on Tuesday that President Donald Trump is facing an imminent deposition.

Appearing on CNN for a panel discussion on the social dynamics revolving around E. Jean Carroll‘s sexual assault allegation against the president, Smith argued that people are galvanized against the “misogynist,” “sexist culture” Trump is part of, and she noted that the president is still facing a defamation lawsuit from Summer Zervos — one of his other misconduct accusers.

“Summer Zervos’ defamation case against Donald Trump has been upheld,” Smith said. “He’s going to be deposed.”

Alisyn Camerota assumed Smith was saying that the deposition will come once Trump is out of office, and she seemed visibly surprised when the attorney answered that it could happen much sooner than that.

“I think it’s supposed to happen before the end of the summer,” Smith said. “So he’s going to be deposed like we saw — it changed [Bill] Cosby’s life to have that and changed Bill Clinton’s as well.”

The Zervos lawsuit continues to be litigated, but as Smith alluded to, previous reports have suggested Trump could be deposed within a few months.

Watch above, via CNN.

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