Lawyer Who Signed Obstruction Letter on MSNBC: If Trump’s Name Was ‘Kwame or Pedro’ He’d Go to Jail


Two of the now over 600 former prosecutors who signed a letter stating that Trump obstructed justice appeared on MSNBC on Tuesday to discuss it. One of them, Georgetown Law professor Paul Butler, suggested to host Kristen Welker that Trump isn’t on his way to jail already because he’s white.

Welker asked both of her guests why they signed the letter, starting with Paul Rosenzweig, who was a senior counselor in the investigation into Bill Clinton and self-identified Republican. Rosenzweig said he signed on because it was “the right thing to do.”

In the cast of Butler, Welker added slightly to the question. “Why did you sign this and what do you hope to gain here? Because as we’ve said a sitting president cannot be indicted.”

“I’m proud to stand with 600 other former federal prosecutors to say the American people should focus on facts,” he said. “And the facts are, if you look at the Mueller report, there is proof beyond a reasonable doubt that the president is a felon. That he committed serious acts of obstruction of justice, and if his name was Kwame or Pedro, rather than Donald Trump, he would be on his way to jail.”

Later in the segment, Welker asked Butler what he would say to Attorney General Barr, considering that Barr has argued he doesn’t see any criminal acts. “I would ask the Attorney general to look at the thugs that he’s prosecuted in organized crime families or drug cartels, and, if you look at some of the evidence in the Mueller report, Trump isn’t a whole lot different.

“I became a prosecutor because I believe in equal justice under the law,” said Butler. “No one should be above the law.”

Watch the clips above, courtesy of CNN.

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