Lawyers For Mueller Witnesses Appear on MSNBC to Dish on Russia Probe: ‘They Have a Game Plan’


Four lawyers who have faced off with Robert Mueller appeared on MSNBC for an interview with Ari Melber Tuesday night, in which they dished on their interactions with the special counsel.

Melber’s gaggle of top lawyers included: Caroline Polisi, who represents former Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos (plead guilty), Jim Walden, who represents a former executive at Cambridge Analytica (witness), Dennis Vacco, who represents former Trump campaign aide Michael Caputo (witness), and Annmarie McAvoy, who represents former Trump deputy campaign chair Rick Gates (plead guilty).

“They definitely have an idea of what they’re looking for,” said McAvoy. “Many times as a prosecutor you not only have the evidence before you, but you have an idea where you would like to see evidence go. And I think it’s very clear that they have a game plan as to what they’re looking for. Whether they can prove it is another story.”

“They were very methodical in their handling of Caputo and their questions,” added Vacco. “They clearly had a game plan as far as I was concerned.”

In the second half of the segment, the lawyers disagreed over the tactics of the Mueller probe, with McAvoy arguing that the raid of Roger Stone was heavy handed and Paul Manafort‘s placement in solitary confinement was unusual.

“They bludgeon the people until they can’t fight back anymore,” she said.

Polisi countered by pointing out the “selective outrage” over Stone’s treatment by prosecutors. Melber noted Manafort himself was recorded saying he was being treated like a “VIP” in prison.

“It’s probably for his own security,” Vacco said of Manafort’s confinement.

Polisi pointed out that it’s the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ decision to keep the former Trump campaign manager in solitary.

Later, Melber asked Walden, based on his conversations with Mueller, whether special counsel would find out if the Trump campaign did collude with Russia.

“I think they will find everything and more,” Walden replied.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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