Leaked: Craig Ferguson’s Lost “Doctor Who” Open

Thanks to the YouTube, a lost moment of brilliance has been recaptured from oblivion–the lost “Doctor Who” dance number pulled from Craig Ferguson‘s Late Late Show two weeks ago.

Ferguson, a self-confessed fan of the epic British sci-fi series had devoted an entire night to the show, set for a big move into the U.S. with a Doctor Who Christmas special airing on Christmas Day (and directed by Steven Moffat, the same guy who just created the reboot of Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock).

Ferguson had planned to open the show with a huge puppet-laden, go-go booted dancer-filled musical number set to the famous Doctor Who music, complete with lyrics explaining the show to confused Americans–only to have the skit cut by producers:

“I did a whole big thing and I know you enjoy the puppet intros–but five minutes before we start tonight. Five minutes! The producers–and I use the term loosely–say Craig, we haven’t got legal clearance to use the music.”

Well imagine our surprise to find the lost musical number on YouTube–along with a heads-up via Twitter from Ferguson himself: “oh no, the Dr. Who clip leaked! I’m furious! When I find out who did this… #leaktheclip”

Even if you’re not exactly clear on the whole Doctor Who phenomenon, this one’s worth watching–especially for “geeks and nerds”:

If you’re interested enough to give the Doctor a try, catch the Doctor Who Christmas movie on BBC America on Christmas Day.

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