Leeann Tweeden On Hannity Panel: Maybe Joy Behar’s “Not Very Happy In The Bedroom”

You’ve heard about how Joy Behar called Sharron Angle a bitch, and again, then kind of apologized. But have you considered the root cause of why she did it? TV personality/model Leeann Tweeden has, and shared her…interesting theory on Hannity tonight.

She began by saying Behar “annoys” her, though Tweeden doesn’t watch The View. Then things took a turn for the weird:

“I know she’s married [ed. note: Behar is in a long-term relationship, but is not married], but does she ever have sex with her husband?…Maybe she’s not very happy in the bedroom, because she just seems like a bitter old lady.”

Well…that’s one way to look at it. It will be interesting to see if to see if Behar has any response, as this seems like a perfect setup for her to get in some easy sex jokes. We’d also like to see if The Daily Show does anything with this (it’s almost too easy to picture them airing Tweeden’s comments, then cutting back to a bug-eyed Jon Stewart).

After Tweeden’s comments, the conversation turned to the treatment of women in politics in general (Tweeden even referenced the Gawker/Christine O’Donnell mess), but it’s safe to say that the speculation on Joy Behar’s sex life is what stood out the most. Video below.

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