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Left and Right Agree on CNN: Media Guilty of ‘Race-Baiting’ with Zimmerman Coverage

CNN continued its look back on 2013 Friday morning with a segment about the stories that exposed the most media bias. Number one on that list had to be the George Zimmerman trial, which dominated cable news for much of the summer and elicited some very strong opinions from both liberals and conservatives.

Representing the left, Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert accused the media of “dancing on the grave” of Trayvon Martin after the verdict came down. “Even though George Zimmerman was found not guilty, it still unleashed this really unhinged reaction I think in the conservative media, a lot of ugly race-baiting, that had gone on for the story for 18 months.”

On the right, radio host Steve Malzberg said the media had no right to be surprised by the not guilty verdict after “there was no evidence” to suggest otherwise during the trial. But like Boehlert, he saw the media unfairly bringing race into the story. “The media played the race card after the verdict,” he declared.

To offer some non-partisan perspective, CNN media reporter Brian Stelter suggested that the media was more interested in the story than the general public, though a Pew poll did show that African-Americans were “paying much closer attention” than white Americans.

Watch video below, via CNN:

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