Les Hinton, Rupert Murdoch’s Longtime Lieutenant, Resigns Dow Jones Post

He’s the guy rumored to have been at Rupert Murdoch‘s side for so long he used to get the boss’ sandwiches–rising to become trusted deputy to Murdoch and chief at News Corp.-owned Dow Jones. Now Les Hinton‘s reportedly on his way out, another domino to fall as the phone hacking scandal that has engulfed Murdoch and his empire continues to spread. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Hinton is stepping down.

Questions have been raised about Hinton’s role in the hacking scandal since he previously served as boss at News International during the editorships of scandal-tarred editors Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks. Like Brooks, Hinton’s departure means another significant loss from Murdoch’s innermost circle:

“He runs interference for Rupert,” said one source who knows both men. “He’s a very nice guy — congenial, easy going and smart.” Hinton lives in an elegant townhouse — fitted out with a Jacuzzi and a deck — on Manhattan’s upper east side with his wife, Kath, a former aide to Gordon Brown.

He and Murdoch have spent more than 50 years working alongside each other, so it’s not surprising that insiders describe Hinton as one of the newspaper baron’s consiglieri, trusted to sort through sticky business issues or smooth political flaps.

Watch it here, from CNN:

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