Letterman: Boehner Cries “Like He’s On Drugs” & “Needs Some Sort Of Counseling”

David Letterman is back and with his first guest of 2011, NBC’s Brian Williams, comedically went after Speaker of the House John Boehner. Letterman suggested Boehner’s frequent crying reminded him of when he was prescribed Valium and sobbed while watching a McDonald’s commercial, thus concluding about Boehner, “the guy will cry like he’s on drugs.”

Given that Williams is interviewing Boehner later this week, Letterman suggested Williams confront him to see if he’s struggling with any trauma in life. When Williams squirmed and tried to defend the masculinity of a man who cries, Letterman concluded, “I’m not suggesting that he’s anything less than masculine, I’m suggesting that he needs some sort of counseling.”

Williams jokingly admitted he is highly uncomfortable with the discussion, but by far the funniest part of this clip is watching Williams’ various facial expressions change from awkward embarrassment to stunned shock to finally just plain unsure what to say next. The ordeal was similar to his last visit to The Late Show when Letterman tried to get Williams to agree to stop going on Jay Leno‘s show.

Watch the clip from CBS below:

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