Letterman Doesn’t Hate Romney For Going On Leno’s Show More: ‘Why Hate A Guy Who’s Suffered Through That?’

David Letterman weighed in on the leaked Romney footage Wednesday night, characterizing it as showing Romney with a group of rich people he’d gathered at a country club (the fundraising event was actually held at a private home in Florida), whom he talked to about “how much he didn’t like poor people” and how he “found poor people irritating.” (“I’m paraphrasing,” Letterman joked.)

Letterman then referred to something else Romney mentioned in his talk — that he’s appeared on fellow late night host Jay Leno‘s show much more than he has on Letterman’s. What’s more, said the host, Romney said that Letterman “hates” him and that people in show business are petty and jealous (unlike, Letterman pointed out, people in politics).

He addressed the situation by extending an invitation to Mitt and “Mrs. Mitt. “Plus, he made sure to clarify that he does not hate Mitt Romney for having gone on Leno’s show more often.

After all, he said, “Why hate a guy who’s suffered through that?”

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