Letterman Presents: Mitt Romney, Gangnam Style

If you’ve managed to remain unaware of South Korean performer Psy’s massive hit “Gangnam Style,” consider yourself lucky, because the worst thing in the world is seeing someone you know and love willingly participate in a trendy new dance craze. Remember how many we lost during the height of the Macarena? Sad face emoticon.

Anyway. CBS’ David Letterman warned Mitt Romney that “pride comes before the fall,” and that fall might come as the result of falling flat on one’s face while galloping around in a suit in several public spaces. Also: The song is supposed to act as a send-up of an affluent, trendy section of South Korea. So this would be kind of like Romney dancing to a song called, I don’t know, “The Hamptons Style,” (or maybe “Williamsburg Style, But Just the Area with Lots of High Rises and Bistros and that Gym with the Smoothie Bar, Which is a Seriously Weird Thing To Have in Williamsburg”) while wearing a powder blue jacket.

Have a look, if you dare, via CBS:

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